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Where risk meets trust…

We all need connection; connection with lovers or partners, with family & friends, and with colleagues and peers. We often expect a lot from our network, and they a lot from us. And, particularly in the realm of BDSM and fetish play for various reasons, our needs sometimes go beyond what our network can provide.

This is where I come in: your confidante, Domme, guide, co-conspirator or teacher. I’m here to push you further than you’ve been before, or hold you tenderly as you take your first steps, and everything in between.

“It is extremely rare to find beauty and brains in the one package. Let alone someone who is keen to explore whatever sexual fantasies you might have. Freya is all this. She is a petite sexual bombshell… Experiment, be a little brave, you won’t regret it.”  Client testimonial

For some people their journey into kink is like a ‘coming home’, a place where conflicts are effortlessly resolved, a place that makes sense, a safe haven.

For others it is journey that takes enormous courage and determination to begin, then return, and shine light on that which is shrouded in secrecy and shame.

Whichever is true for you, you will find with me a space where your truth is valued and never shamed, and where you are invited to show me all of yourself.

You are open, authentic, courageous and interested – interested in living, interested in being alive.

About you I have no other preconceptions, bring yourself as you are.

Labels can be limiting, so I invite you to be curious.

Selecting a stream by no means limits your to this kind of play, now, or in the future.

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Domination / FemDom


Expand your kink

Trauma-informed kink

All services inclusive of gender expression, sexual orientation, body type, age and ability. I have completed PDAT and first aid training and facilities are disability accessible. All sessions are trauma informed.


I like to believe that it is my skills that will please you the most, but since we live in a visual orientated world here are my stats:

I have a strong, athletic figure and a rapturous smile.

Height: 162cm

Bust: 32 C

Dress: 10

Shoe: EU 39.5, AU: 8, UK 7

Eyes: Grey / Green

Hair: Short curly style, dark blonde with beautiful flecks of grey