Anal Sensation

Anal Sensation

Anal play fascinates many many people. If you’ve had a quiet interest in anal – you are not alone!

Anal play does not have to be explored in the context of a BDSM or kink session. You can feel safe to explore this deeply erotic and sensitive part of your body along with a delicious all body massage, knowing you are in experienced hands, keeping our roles focused on your sensation and experience, with me as your supportive guide.

This said, what I think the difference is between my experience and that of a massage therapist, is that I understand the urge that can arise, where the sensational feelings become highly erotically charged and the body invites a more ‘fucky-fucky’ approach. This does not have to happen, but when it does I can follow those signs with the skill of an experienced Mistress.

I have a zero pain policy when it comes to anuses. We play only at the level that is right for you. I will encourage you to place your awareness, and help you use your breath to relax and open up this most vulnerable body part. I will never push, and will simply wait until I am invited inside of you for an explosive and wildly erotic experience.

Anal Myth Busting:

Enjoying anal play does not make you gay. Your sexual orientation is defined by who you find attractive, not which body parts you enjoy to touch.

Anal play is not dirty, there is no requirement to clean yourself in any special way to prepare. When the bowels are moving as they should, the rectum does not contain any faeces, it’s all stored above in the colon. However, the reality is that many of us experience some problems with our bowels, so some can be found in the rectum. I only recommend douching or an enema prior to a session if you feel very uncomfortable with the idea of there being any poo at all.

Anal penetration should never hurt. The anus has the most nerve endings in all the body, after the genitals and hands. This is why we are capable of enormous amount of pleasure through gentle anal touch. But this fact also means that pain is possible if force is used. Some people think that if they push through the pain, then they can experience good anal penetration. But the reality is that what is happening is the muscles have tried their hardest to resist the penetrating object, but have been over powered. Do you want to bully your anus into submission, or do you want to surrender to the ecstacy?