We all have limits. If you think you don’t, I’ll help you identify some and maybe change your view on this!

My duty of care for you requires that I have unquestionable respect for your boundaries.

My duty of care for myself requires the same. 


Health and Hygiene 

Being clean is sexy – particularly when we plan to get up close and personal. I’ll ensure I am clean and well presented. You can shower at the start of our booking if you need to freshen up.

I take a hard line on safer sex protocols, to protect both of us. Think of it as my WHS policy and be glad that I apply it equally to all my clients. 

If you have any concerns about your own sexual health, please do not be afraid to broach these with me. I can offer advise as to where to seek a medical opinion, and you will always find me non-judgmental and straight forward in these discussions.



I hold an up to date First Aid certificate with CPR training (HLTAID003)  valid from December 2017 and renewed annually.

I hope I never have to use these skills, but choose to demonstrate my commitment to raising industry standards and I consider it my professional obligation to care for my clients as best I can.



I like to be on time, I like others to do likewise. Please do message me if you are going to be late, as it might affect my other appointments.



Sometimes I will ask for your drivers license to verify an address I am travelling to, or for any other reason. Your confidentiality is extremely important to me, and your secure details are safe with me.