Wish List

This list is primarily directed at submissives whose pleasure is My pleasure. I love the gift of your time, and offering up your body to be My pleasure is a fine gift alone. However, if sourcing and bringing me something extra pleases you, it certainly pleases Me too.

There are links to specific items I have chosen below, and all the pictures are linked too. You may challenge yourself to bring Me something you think will please Me. A test for how well you know My likes and dislikes…?

Attire pieces

You like to worship Me in fine attire, and I like to dress in in it.

I select my clothes for their aesthetic, but also for the feel on my skin, the way the shape accentuates My curves, or their smell!

I always love:

Fur – Vintage or ethically sourced only please. 

Leather & Latex if you see something you want to see Me wear, send Me the details and I’ll try to give you best size option.

Stockings – always welcome. My go to stockings are from Honey Birdette – Average. But you can get me something special from Wolfords or elsewhere.


Local Australian and International impact toys – you can’t far wrong adding a new hitting stick to my collection, here are some favourites



www.qualitycontrol.co.uk  – contact me for what’s currently on my wish list.


Dusters – for the softest sensation, a tickle over your pink hot, spanked bottom:

Australian product:




British Classics:

ALREADY PURCHASED: http://www.quality-control.co.uk/products/tawses/lochgellytawses




 Vac Bed – I’d love one. If you want to be the special slave who gets to use it first, I’ll put you in touch with a local craftsperson who can make it for Me. 


Australian native plants and flowers hold a special place in my heart.

Of my strong identities, being a migrant is important to Me. My British roots may still be evident in my distinctive voice, but Australia has changed me inside.

I enjoy their foliage, for their textures, and their myriad shapes and colours. I also enjoy their hardiness, their ingenuity and their grace. They remind Me of My strength and My softness.

A truly special pot plant, selected with care and thought, to add to my surrounds will give Me endless pleasure.

Furniture & Homeware

Mongolian Sheepskin blanket – like snuggling up in a cave? I love the thought of being encased for a sound nights sleep under this beautiful, ethically sourced sheep skin. https://www.theblockshop.com.au/store/single/genuine-mongolian-sheepskin-blanket-pink-blush-180cm-x-120cm


Reindeer hide – ethically sourced (ie a by-product of the meat industry). This will be my snuggle rug, where we get to sit and debrief the experience we just had. https://www.theblockshop.com.au/store/single/reindeer-hide2


And something a little less ‘deer’ (couldn’t help myself!) – this cuddly cushion for when I need an afternoon nap and something to hold. https://www.hidesofexcellence.com.au/animal-skin/tibetan-sheepskin-cushion-45cm