Sadist and seductress; a mystical Fool carving space on earth for the carnal, crushing and cathartic through to the messy, comedic and sublime.

The big, wide world of kink and BDSM has long drawn my interest and fascination. 

And my own Shadow has been the source of my wildest explorations and desires.

“Freya is whip smart. A goddess in name, in beauty, in authority, in intellect. If you want to submit to a beautiful intelligent woman who is warm, caring and genuinely sadistic, then Freya will collaborate with you to explore new sensations and, with your consent, to explore your boundaries… The intimacy I experienced reached deep into my psyche and I find myself re-running those mental tapes over and over. If you have the courage to open yourself up, Freya will use you for her pleasure as well as yours, which I found to be a humbling gift and breathtakingly sexy.” 

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My Core Erotic Theme revolves around embracing taboo – I have hard limits, but a growing number of scenarios I’ve encountered hold appeal.

With this in mind, I’m really interested in hearing about your unique interests! Tell Me. Maybe there’s something you’ve told no-one about. You can you can tell me anything, you’ll find no judgement here.

If your desires are not something I am not able to provide I can thoughtfully refer you to another practitioner who is better qualified to facilitate the scene you’re seeking.

You’ve really nothing to lose!

Come to the edge, I said,
I might fall.
Come to the edge, I repeated.
It’s too high!
And you came,
And I pushed,
And we flew.