Scope of Play

Kink / Fetish Play

Tell me you favourite kink

I’d love to hear all about it…

When risk meets trust – this is where the magic happens.

All sessions can be offered with or without Power Play. They can be one-off, or could be part of a longer series of exploration. Those identifying as submissive, slave, kinkster, pain slut, toy, bottom, player, sissy, masochist, and more are all welcome. If you’re not sure where your psychology around your interest lies, we can figure it out together.

With sufficient pre-negotiation I am comfortable in a wide variety of roles, including, but certainly not limited to: Mistress Fey, Lady Freya, Goddess Freya, School Teacher, Naughty older sister, Perverted Aunt / Mother, Cheating Wife (cuckolds)

In the negotiations stage I am always your peer – please do not contact me in role.

Hard limits include breath play, queening / face-sitting / intimate worship, vomit / Roman fetish

To date, the following are special realms I enjoy (re)visiting:

Anal Play

My oldest and longest loves… And it is one of my earliest taboos I fronted up to and integrated into my play, powerless to resist the allure. I have witnessed and facilitated some extraordinary experiences that could only be described as transcendental.

Anal play can take many forms including:

Prostate massage

Butt Plugs





Anal electrics

Anal training

Anal play can take place in a leather sling suspended in space, on the floor with my neoprene, leg supporting sling, on or bent over a table.

And I follow one simple rule that condenses all the professional training and lived experience I have in anal play:

“Your arsehole speaks, and I listen”.

Impact Play

I love hitting people. This is a realm where my adorable Sadist comes out to play, and she is FUN. Through impact play, I have discovered a unique level vivaciousness and vitality within myself.

Including: Canes, Floggers, Paddles, CP, Spanking, Boxing gloves, Bastinado

Sensation Play

A rich and diverse category of play… I love the range that is encompassed by ‘Sensation Play’ – from CBT (cock & ball torture), to impact, to tickling, to boxing, to light fluffy excruciatingly soft caresses. Whichever your style, I challenge you to try something new including:

Heat/Cool, Wax; Clips, Clamps & Pegs; Flogging; Caning; Fire Play Play Piercing; Fabrics, Teeth, Electrics (Electrastim and Violet Wand), Elastic bands, Feathers, Silk and so so much more in my drawers of classic and pervertible delights.


Restraint – heighten sensation, lose control, surrender, drop deep:

from light rope bondage;

belts, straps, hoods,

cuffs, collars and spreaders;

to full body immobilisation – table bondage, full cling wrap mummification.


Golden Showers – is there anything quite so intimate as drinking me straight from my body? Piss can be incorporated into most other forms of play, it can be a hot, wet finale or I can tease you restrained and unable to escape, my muscles expertly moderating the volume and direction of flow.

Blood – I love blood. I love the look, I love the control, trust and power.

My blood play skills are mostly limited to hypodermic needle play piercing, which can be decorative, bloody, less bloody, laughter inducing, cathartic – and always full of endorphins. It can be genital or on any other part of your body.

If you’re not sure you’d like to plunge in that deep, I also carry a range of acupunture needles that can be a gentle introduction to piercing and blood. These rarely draw visible blood, but are still subject to blood borne pathogen precautions, so are still considered blood play.

Medical Play

I love cheeky role playing in the construction of a medical scene the edgy play of inappropriate nurse / doctor. I also love the procedures themselves including:

urethral sounding



play piercing


Gender Play

Including Cross-dressing & Sissification.
I really admire people who delve into this very potent play. We can shave your body parts, we can make up your face, and dress you up. I am also happy to play; bind my breasts and dress in my most androgynous attire. I can be your big sister / older friend inducting you into womanhood; I can be be your boyfriend watching you get dressed before we go out, or before a push you down to the bed and have my way with you. I can be your peer , where we playfully dress up and try out different style. Let me know who you need.

Foot Fetish

Click here to find the secret foot gallery.

I used to hate having my feet touched. I wouldn’t allow it. Slowly, trusting that my feet are beautiful and loveable, I allowed touch. Since then my affection for my feet has grown and grown, and so has their appreciation by others! I love foot fetishists, come gather at my feet.

Psychological and / or other Play

A broad umbrella for much of what occurs in the mystical realm of the dungeon. Specific pleasures that don’t fit directly under the other categories include:

Consensual non-consent



Graphoerotica – ritualistic writing on your body

Erotic Hypnotism



Head and / or body shaving

….make a suggestion!

Fetish / Fantasy

Whatever it is, wherever it started, let’s reenact and relive the potency of your unique fetish.