In all kinds of play I subscribe to the principals of RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink). This means that all parties are aware of the risks inherent to the play undertaken and they have agreed upon the control measures to minimise the risk.

Many kink activities can be very low risk: simple and effective intake and communication is all that’s required.

Some of my preferred kinks can easily be consider edge play, and as such are not entered into lightly. If you are new to kink you may need some training to ensure you can recognise your limits and communicate them to me. I can help you do this in a way that is simple and effective.

I cannot ethically proceed until I am certain that you have these fundamentals. Thi may just mean that we play in a ‘lighter’ scene on our first meeting and progress to further exploration down the track.

As part of my commitment to your safety I hold a current First Aid certificate with CPR training (HLTAID003) valid from December 2017 and renewed annually. I also carry a first aid kit.



I am not a traditionally trained Mistress, but I do enjoy an ever expanding repertoire of kinky play. I am committed to my own personal and professional kinky development and participate in monthly structured peer learning circles, ongoing workshops, as well as my own private practice space and play parties.

If your preferred play / kink is not listed, please feel free to ask. If it appeals to me, I will prioritise to learn about it.