Surrender, Risk, Opportunity and Trust

PPC On Ecosia

This post is about surrender, risk, opportunity and trust. It’s taken me a while to find the words to describe what I’ve learned this last week. I’m a switch by nature; I like variety, I have to switch, I want to whole gamut of human experience, and I won’t be limited by labels imposed by me or others.

Activate Search Partners

I’ve felt a strong desire to get ‘hooked’ for at least a decade. But each opportunity offered to me I brushed off as ‘not the right time’, ‘not now’. I finally signed up with a visiting, world-class rigger, and sadist. When I say he was a sadist, he says he is, the way I say I am, and like me he was sweet, calm, encouraging, respectful, and with a quiet certainty that was reassuring.

Bing live version

In the Bing live version, navigate to your account and choose the first campaign you want to check. Now choose the first ad group within this campaign and click on the ‘Settings’ tab.
Scroll down and under ‘Other settings’, you’ll find ‘Ad distribution’, where you can opt in or out of the search partners option.

Now that we’ve made sure we activated search partners on Bing, we can sit back and relax while our ads (help to) save the environment.
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